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Play Action Charity

Amanda has worked as a fund raiser for Hope for Children for over the last 10 years. She has raised money to install solar power in a rural school in Africa, enabling pupils to study in the evenings. Amanda has helped to secure many sponsors for children in Africa for them to receive an education.

She has worked voluntarily in Sri Lanka, sharing teaching ideas with staff in special schools and promoting learning through story. She is passionate about education for all children and continues to raise money for this basic human right.

Murielle Maupoint – CEO Play Action, former Chief Executive of Hope for Children

Mencafep Charity

MENCAFEP has been functioning in Sri Lanka for 33 years, and up until the Covid Pandemic in 2020 hit the world, Amanda was very much part of the MENCAFEP programme.

Amanda is a teacher from Nottingham and she would give up her half term holiday in October, fly to Sri Lanka at her own expense and impart her vast knowledge of teaching to the staff of MENCAFEP. Amanda first started in the MENCAFEP – Nuwara Eliya School and Centre, working with the staff to develop the classroom spaces, to suit the teachers and the students they worked with.

This was carried on in the MENCAFEP – Batticaloa school and centre, working with staff, again on classroom management, but in the years the followed, in the Batticaloa school and centre, other aspects of Amanda’s vast teaching skills, where imparted to the MENCAFEP staff, as she worked together, with the MENCAFEP children and young people, on teaching how to operate and get the best out of Autistic students. Educational games, for the disabled, counting and mathematics. How to use the environment to teach students with disabilities.

It is certainly hoped by all connected with MENCAFEP, that when world-wide travel resumes again, that Amanda will resume her voluntary work with MENCAFEP.

In my opinion, Amanda is the finest example of a Teacher and passing on these skills that she has to others.

If not for Amanda and her expertise, MENCAFEP would not have developed into the unique schools and centres that they are today. With small Special Educational Resource Centres (SERC’s) being set-up in most poorest and isolated areas of Sri Lanka, such as villages and tea Estates.

All at MENCAFEP wishes Amanda all the very best with this new venture.

Christopher M. Stubbs – PhD. M.B.E, Founder MENCAFEP

Middleton Primary & Nursery

Amanda and I met over thirty years ago where we job-shared as primary school teachers. She has an incredible creative flair and makes lessons both engaging and exciting. Deep rooted in her teaching philosophy are the four general principles of The Convention on The Rights of the Child:

1. Non-discrimination.

2. Best interests of the child.

3. Right to life, survival and development.

4. Right to be heard.

Amanda has great empathy and dedication in supporting the rights of all children. She has the unique talent of weaving this message into her story-telling making an impactful connection with her audience (adults and children alike!)

I have full confidence that Amanda and Frank will inspire many children. In particular, their wonderful stories will promote a passion for reading.

Yasmin Khalique
(RRSA Coordinator) Middleton Primary and Nursery School